My friends and I flew with Air New Zealand over Christmas. Our luggage was lost and we were stranded without warm clothing, basic necessities and of course our holiday gifts.

The airline misplaced 1/4 of the flights bags and of course blamed it on the weather conditions. We understood that these things happen but my complaint is not about lost baggage but about the way they handled us. Over the next week, we were given over 15 different phone numbers, many wrong numbers, lied to and told so many different stories, even from high end management in New Zealand. We were hung up on and just basically left being told that it was not their fault but an outside baggage handling company that they hired.

My friends and I were in tears, pleading with them as all of our heavy clothing was in the luggage and being from California had nothing warm on us. They were unaware of policies for us to buy some items to get us by and this was higher management. Even when I asked if they felt like this was fair, they would say NO, but there was nothing for them to do and they couldn't and wouldn't. After over a week of this we decided to return home early and miss our planned out holiday in London for New Years.

I pleated for at least an upgrade and again they said "NO". Upon arrival to Heathrow, our luggage was there and it had been there for four day with stickers attached saying it was located days before and we were never contacted.I brought this up to the person at the desk and she tried to remove the sticker but I made sure to keep it as evidence that the bags were located and they did nothing. At this point we were offered an upgrade. Only when we arrived at Heathrow totally upset and ready to go home.

Our trip was ruined. Our holiday cut short and this was because of Air New Zealand's horrible mistreatment of us and our situation. They kept and still blame the weather, Heathrow, the outside baggage handlers.... but really, I paid them and they are responsible for not giving us what we paid for.

This is not about lost luggage, this is about how we were treated dealing with the employees at Air New Zealand.

For an award winning Airlines, they failed horribly.

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